Love My Be began back in 2017, originally we started out as a swimwear company, with the Moto of empowerment, you can BE anything you want to be in Love My Be. Our focus is female empowerment, through clothing, as women we all feel beautiful, strong and positive when we feel and look great, and we wanted to install that across our customers. 
Love My Be has developed and is expanding rapidly, from the days of storing in a back bedroom and a our owner working on her own, to then developing to take on employees. As time continues we grow from strength to strength, and we thank our customers for standing by us, and helping our small acorn flourish.
Love My Be offers affordable quality at affordable prices, our feel is modern yet feminine, and we want to bring you a collection of styles that make you feel you can BE anything. 
We specialise in the Swim and Lingerie sector, and have our own team of ANGELS you will regularly see on our social medias and website, we chose Angels, for empowerment, beauty and belief, bringing out the goodness in us all.. 
Thank you for helping us grow, we couldn't do this without you...
Kerry, Ibby & Grace